200 Day CD







CDs are based on balances of $5,000 or more, rates are effective as of 9/4/18. Minimum deposit $5,000. CDs are not eligible to be designated as supporter accounts for the Community Alliance Program (CAP). At maturity, CD will renew to 182 Day CD. Penalty for early withdrawal. Offer may be withdrawn without notice. Other terms and rates available. 
1200 Day CD: APY (Annual Percentage Yield) of 2.20%, based on a rate of 2.18%. 
2200 Day CD with AxisChecking: You must maintain an AxisChecking account to receive the promotional rate of 2.40% APY (Annual Percentage Yield), based on an interest rate of 2.37%. Bonus APY is only applicable to the initial term of the CD. 

NO ATM FEES WORLDWIDE: Unlimited ATM fee rebates apply to cash withdrawals using your Debit MasterCard at all participating Accel and Cirrus ATMs worldwide. ATM fee rebates do not apply to any fees other than those assessed for using an ATM to withdraw cash from your Boiling Springs checking account. Boiling Springs makes its best effort to identify those ATM fees eligible for rebate, based on information it receives from MasterCard and ATM operators. Boiling Springs reserves the right to modify or discontinue the ATM fee rebate at any time.
Boiling Springs and/or its agency is not responsible for typographical errors.