Other Products & Services

Boiling Springs financial services gives you variety and gives you choice with additional products and services to meet your banking needs. They complement your existing checking or savings accounts with hassle-free services that make your life easier:

The Boiling Springs Savings Bank Debit MasterCard

The power of a credit card—the convenience of an ATM card. The Boiling Springs Savings Bank Debit MasterCard can be used anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted, and at all participating Accel and Cirrus ATMs worldwide. Now you can have all the convenience of writing a check with the swipe of the card. Visit one of our branches to sign up for a Debit MasterCard to enjoy these benefits.

  • Save time. Just swipe and pay. No check approval or credit card approval.
  • Save space. No need to carry your checkbook or cash. Just carry your Debit MasterCard.
  • Save credit. Your Debit MasterCard purchases are automatically debited from your checking account.
  • Save money. No annual fee.
  • Don’t worry: On vacation, your debit card may be more readily accepted than your personal check.

To report a lost or stolen Debit card: 1-800-472-3272

(available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)

To activate a Debit card: 1-800-992-3808
(available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)



Debit cards can offer both convenience and risk. Boiling Springs offers CardValet, the mobile app that lets you protect your cards against fraud and theft by receiving real-time alerts to ensure your cards are used only by you. 

  • Receive alerts whenever your card is used
  • Review balances and transactions
  • Establish transaction controls for dollar amount limits, merchant categories, transaction types and geographic locations
  • Safeguard your card: Turn it "off" if it's misplaced or stolen and back "on" when you're ready to use it

To get started, download CardValet from the Apple App Store or Google Play and then follow the simple, secure registration steps. 


The Boiling Springs ATM Card

Your Boiling Springs’ ATM card lets you access your checking or savings accounts 24/7. Get cash, account balances or transfer funds at participating Accel and Cirrus network ATMs and, if linked to your checking account, use it for PIN based point of sale purchases. And Boiling Springs will never charge you a transaction fee for using your ATM card.*

To report a lost or stolen ATM card: 1-800-472-3272

(available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)

To activate an ATM card: 1-800-992-3808
(available 24 hours a day, seven days a week)

*Ask a customer service representative for details. Other banks may charge a fee to use their ATMs.

Overdraft Protection/Transfer Service

Our automatic transfer overdraft protection links your statement savings account to your checking account so you’ll never have to worry about overdrafts. If your checking account lacks sufficient funds to pay a check, a transfer will automatically be made to cover the shortage (provided there are enough available funds in your linked savings account).* 

*Limit of six transfers per month from any savings account product. There is a modest $10 fee for this transfer that saves you the penalties, inconvenience, embarrassment of a bounced check.

Direct Deposit

Stop waiting for checks to clear and get to your money sooner! With funds deposited directly into your Boiling Springs account you can have your paycheck, Social Security income, pension funds or interest payments credited to your account instantly.

Automatic Loan Payments (ACH)

Sign up for Automatic Loan Payments to schedule a loan payment deduction each month from your checking account at BSSB or at another bank.

ACH Application


Safe Deposit Boxes

You’ll feel confident and secure that your valuables or important documents are safe, secure and protected at our Clifton, Florham Park, Glen Rock, Mahwah, and Rochelle Park Branches. Boiling Spring Safe Deposit Boxes come in a variety of sizes with the following annual rental fees (plus tax):

2" x 5"          $20.00 (Only in Glen Rock)

3" x 5"          $25.00

5" x 5"          $40.00

3" x 10"        $50.00

5" x 10"        $75.00

10" x 10"      $150.00

Bounce-Proof Advantage

We encourage our customers to manage their finances responsibly. However, we recognize that unexpected incidents or emergencies arise when funds in your checking account are not adequate to cover your transactions. Bounce-Proof Advantage is a special overdraft service for our checking customers that saves them from the embarrassment, additional merchant fees and possible damage to their credit history that might result if a check is returned.

As long as you are a customer in good standing, Boiling Springs may approve overdrafts within your current available Bounce-Proof Advantage limit. No action is required on the part of the checking account holder to sign up for this service since the Bounce-Proof Advantage amount will be automatically assigned by us. If the service is activated, you will be charged our Bounce-Proof $30 fee for each item every time the service is needed via checks or in-person withdrawals. There is no additional cost associated with this privilege and it saves you the penalties, inconvenience, and embarrassment of a bounced check.

Please note that all negative balances must be brought to a positive end-of-day balance within 30 days. The Bounce-Proof Advantage limit will not be reflected in your balance provided by a teller or at the ATM, through Online Banking or 24-Hour Telephone Banking.

For more information, please click on the following link to read our Bounce-Proof Advantage Brochure or speak with one of our customer service representatives.


Coin Counting Machines

You’ll be surprised how a little change translates into some ready cash. We give Boiling Springs' customers the ease and the incentive to come in and have our coin counting machines count their loose change. It’s easy, it’s fast, and it’s fun!

Boiling Springs’ Coin Counting Machines are available at the CliftonFlorham ParkGlen RidgeGlen RockLincoln Park, LyndhurstMahwahMontvilleRidgewood/North MapleRochelle ParkRutherford/Orient WayRutherford/Union AveUpper Montclair, and Wyckoff branches.



An IOLTA (Interest On Lawyer Trust Account) account is a trust account used for client funds by an attorney. The IOLTA Fund of the Bar of New Jersey provides legal and educational services to low income families and individuals using the interest earned on attorneys’ escrow trust accounts.