Switch Kit

Boiling Springs Savings Bank recognizes that changing banks can be a hassle. Setting up direct deposits, switching your automatic payments and closing your old account can be a time consuming project. Until now.

Boiling Springs makes switching banks easy because we do all the work! Stop in to any branch location and we will make the switch to Boiling Springs Savings Bank convenient for you. Or, if you prefer to get started now, we have created the following checklist and forms:

You have a busy life. Direct Deposit can save you time and allow easy access to your money. Whether it’s your paycheck or other income such as retirement or social security, this one form allows you to transfer your existing direct deposit or establish a new one.

You can’t be expected to remember to write checks for monthly payments like your gym membership or insurance premiums. When these payments are automatically debited from your account, you don’t even have to think about it! This form allows you to transfer your existing direct debits or establish new ones.

Once you have confirmed that your direct deposits have been credited and/or automatic payments have been deducted from your new Boiling Springs Savings Bank account, you are now ready to close your old account. Let the switch begin!

To help you determine the available balance in your old account, use this handy Account Balance Worksheet.